Antifungal Cream is Used for Black Toenail

A couple of my toenails had black spots on them. Since I had not suffered any injury, I knew they were not bruises. The nails had also become very brittle and had started cracking. I also noticed a slight odor when attempting to trim the nails. I had black toenail fungus.

Treating the Fungus

At the local pharmacy, I found a wide selection of antifungal creams. Each of them boasting to be the best. After using several different creams with no results, I visited my physician. He sent me away with a prescription cream and knowing that until a new nail was completely grown out that I may not be rid of the fungi. After several months of treating the bacterial infection with the antifungal cream, the hideous bacterial infection was gone.


Now, I am bound and determined to never go through that again. I use Purifying Foot Wash by Powerfeet. This remarkable wash removes bacteria. It has a soothing aroma and leaves my feet soft and smooth. Besides practicing good hygiene, there are other measures to prevent this type of infestation:

·        Thoroughly dry feet after washing even between toes.

·        Keep toenails trimmed and filed.

·        Never go barefoot in public showers or around pools.

·        Do not share towels.

·        Change sweaty socks often.

·        Never wear damp shoes.

·        Use talc powder to combat sweaty feet.

·        Wash and dry shoes regularly.

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