Lousy Lice

You just got the letter from school.  It’s not possible MY child has lice.  Don’t worry, lice are not a sign of uncleanliness.  In fact, these little pests love nice clean hair.  Lice are spread from close contact from one child to another.  At school kids share just about everything, hugs, clothing, brushes.  This makes it easy for the lice to spread from child to child quickly. 

Traditional lice shampoo is full of chemical ingredients.  That is not what you really want to be putting on your child’s head.  These pesticides are much less effective than they used to be.  Over the years lice have become quite resistant to them.  If you leave even one louse alive on the head they will lay new eggs and start a whole new infestation.  You also have to be sure and remove the eggs, also called nits.  Most products don’t even address the nits which attach themselves to the hair shaft with a sticky glue like substance. 

Nautral lice remedies are actually available.  The right combination of natural oils and essential oils can kill lice.  Enzyme treatments may also be used to remove the nits and weaken the lice.  Getting rid of lice is a tedious process, but with the right products you can safely and effectively remove them once and for all.

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