What is Causing Skin Rashes

Skin Rashes- Determining the Source

contact-skin-dermatitisThe skin is our bodies’ first line of defense.  It is most susceptible to the elements.  Everyone will suffer from some type of rash.  There are many possible skin rash treaetments.  They are often caused by an allergic or irritant reaction to something in the environment, but sometimes they are a sign of disease.  Let’s look at some common skin rashes and ways you can distinguish them from each other.

Dermatitis- Dermatitis is characterized by localized inflammation and redness.  It is usually very itchy.  This is an allergic reaction and it can be caused by many things such as exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac.  Other possibilities are certain metals in jewelry and chemicals in makeup, shampoos, detergents, and cleaners.  It may also be caused by certain foods that you have eaten or medicines that have been taken.

Most rashes can be treated with antihistamines such as Benadryl topically with hydrocortisone cream.  Treatment can usually be done at home, but if it does not clear up you should see a doctor.  If a rash is accompanied by difficulty breathing you should seek medical attention immediately.  It is important to determine what you are allergic too.  Allergies sometime get worse with time, meaning the next reaction may be more serious than the last.

Impetigo- Impetigo will have small crusted sores.  This is a contagious bacterial infection that will require antibiotics.

Hives- These are small red often raised disc shaped areas over the body.  They may be as small as a dime or as large as a saucer.  Hives can be triggered by an allergic reaction to many things including food, bites, or medicine.

Psoriasis- Psoriasis causes thick scaled areas that are usually white or silvery looking.  It often occurs on the elbows, knees and scalp.

Prickly Heat- This happens when sweat glands become blocked and sweat is trapped under skin.  It is most common in hot humid weather and will usually go away in a few days.

Ringworm- This circular rash with a raised border is actually a fungal infection.

Fifth’s Disease- Children often get this contagious disease.  It is accompanied by a bright red rash on the cheeks that are followed by a rash on arms and chest.

Shingles- This painful rash is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox.  It is a red blistering rash that is usually around the abdomen.

Chicken Pox- Symptoms of chicken pox are fever and cold along with an itchy rash of small spots all over the body.  It is not as common today as most children are vaccinated at a young age.

There is big difference between the skin rashes and scalp rashes. Check out our next post for some of the causes of scalp rashes and the natural and herbal treatments that can get rid of these rashes as well!

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