Body Wraps To Lose Weight Fast

When it comes to your body there are many different options to try and get a better look or in some cases a complete body makeover. The most common treatments are those that are designed for you to look thinner or even to lose weight and most people want to lose weight super fast! This means that they want quick results! There are a number of diet pills etc that promise quick results but do any of the products actually deliver to lose weight fast?

Which Products Work To Lose Weight Fast?
After about 20 years in the beauty products industry I can tell you that without a doubt there are two things that you can do to look better fast. One is surgery that is either liposuction or some type of alternative. However, the cost is extremely high and the recovery time makes the one day surgery not seem like an overnight solution or remedy to losing weight fast!

The Treatment That I Recommend – But You Have To Understand How It Works!!!
I recommend body wraps daily for the people that want to lose inches fast but also want to lose weight. I know what you are asking right about now. Do body wraps help to lose weight or even inches?

The answer is yes but indirectly when it comes to weight loss! Let me explain how inch loss occurs with wraps! Also note that I will explain why using body wraps to lose weight is a great idea! Read more!

How Do You Lose Inches With Body Wraps?

The fat cells hold not only fat but toxins. A good body wrap will literally suck out the toxins. Think of balloon that is full of water. Once the water is removed it go back down to its normal size. Toxins can be up 75% of what fills a fat cell. By removing those toxins you can shrink it down tremendously with lasting results.

How Do You Lose Weight With Body Wraps?
Over the following days after a body wrap you will find that you will lose weight simply because the fat is now easily consumed by the body since it is in a clear burnable state versus a heavy sludge that is virtually impossible to utilize. So, it is now the body wrap that directly burns the fat but it sets the conditions right for the body to easily burn fat.


Gift Giving with Spa Gift Baskets

It can be hard to find that right gift for a woman.  Sometimes it seems like they already have everything.  Why not try a gift basket?  Spa gift baskets are a thoughtful present for your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, coworker or any special woman that you know.  Most women spend their days, and nights, taking care of other people.  A bath and body gift basket may be just the thing they need to pamper themselves for a change.  It is a gift that is sure to be appreciated. 

Fancy Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift baskets are filled with items such as bath salts, lotions, soaps, candles, oils and accessories.  These items are usually made with special essential oils.  These oils smell wonderful and invoke various senses and feelings.  For example lavender oil is know to be relaxing and soothing.  There are other oils such as tea tree oil that have healing qualities.  You may choose something more invigorating such as peppermint oil or sweet honey enriched products. 

Essential Oil Bath Gift Baskets

The items in the bath gift baskets are sure to bring enjoyment for a long time to come.  This is a gift that will keep on giving for weeks and months.  I can’t think of a more appropriate present for a busy working mom.

Antifungal Cream is Used for Black Toenail

A couple of my toenails had black spots on them. Since I had not suffered any injury, I knew they were not bruises. The nails had also become very brittle and had started cracking. I also noticed a slight odor when attempting to trim the nails. I had black toenail fungus.

Treating the Fungus

At the local pharmacy, I found a wide selection of antifungal creams. Each of them boasting to be the best. After using several different creams with no results, I visited my physician. He sent me away with a prescription cream and knowing that until a new nail was completely grown out that I may not be rid of the fungi. After several months of treating the bacterial infection with the antifungal cream, the hideous bacterial infection was gone.


Now, I am bound and determined to never go through that again. I use Purifying Foot Wash by Powerfeet. This remarkable wash removes bacteria. It has a soothing aroma and leaves my feet soft and smooth. Besides practicing good hygiene, there are other measures to prevent this type of infestation:

·        Thoroughly dry feet after washing even between toes.

·        Keep toenails trimmed and filed.

·        Never go barefoot in public showers or around pools.

·        Do not share towels.

·        Change sweaty socks often.

·        Never wear damp shoes.

·        Use talc powder to combat sweaty feet.

·        Wash and dry shoes regularly.

Playboy Body Jewelry

playPlayboy belly rings and playboy body jewelry  is one of the most sought after brands of body jewelry. And why not – it epitomizes bling! Playboy offers many different types of body jewelry, belly rings, toungue rings, earrings andeven necklaces and anklets for those that want to go all out. So where can you buy true and authentic playboy body jewelry…the answer is a t!

Playboy Body Jewelry

They off the complete selection of body jewelry incluidng special logo brands like Playboy as well as they offer logo body jewelry such as Disney Belly Rings, Nascar bellyrings, MNF, MLB and even NBA belly rings and body jewelry. It is hard to find good licensed body jewelry products but Bodystuds carries them all. They offer free shipping on orders over $25. This goes for any of their 4000 different products choices and don’t forget that they offer licensed cell phone charms as well. And yes they carry Harley Davidosn and Playboy cell phone charms as well as Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell cell phone charms and many more.

Cell Phone Charms

They even carry Disney cell phone charms. So the very best in licensed in cell phone charms, licensed belly rings and body jewelry and even licensed cell phone cover and accessories then visit – and as their motto says – they stock all of the products so that you don’t have to wait to get your order.

Lousy Lice

You just got the letter from school.  It’s not possible MY child has lice.  Don’t worry, lice are not a sign of uncleanliness.  In fact, these little pests love nice clean hair.  Lice are spread from close contact from one child to another.  At school kids share just about everything, hugs, clothing, brushes.  This makes it easy for the lice to spread from child to child quickly. 

Traditional lice shampoo is full of chemical ingredients.  That is not what you really want to be putting on your child’s head.  These pesticides are much less effective than they used to be.  Over the years lice have become quite resistant to them.  If you leave even one louse alive on the head they will lay new eggs and start a whole new infestation.  You also have to be sure and remove the eggs, also called nits.  Most products don’t even address the nits which attach themselves to the hair shaft with a sticky glue like substance. 

Nautral lice remedies are actually available.  The right combination of natural oils and essential oils can kill lice.  Enzyme treatments may also be used to remove the nits and weaken the lice.  Getting rid of lice is a tedious process, but with the right products you can safely and effectively remove them once and for all.

Collagen Skin Care

Benefits of Collagen Producing Creams

Collagen is one of the most important components in the skin.  It forms deep in the skin and is the primary protein the creates skin structure.  Your skins appearance depends largely on the amount of collagen and the condition of collagen in the skin.

Collagen does break down over time.  It can be damaged by many things, like sun exposure, environment, poor nutrition, smoking, and hormonally changes.  The amount of collagen produced in the skin decreases as a person gets older.  With less collagen skin will not be as full.  It will also begin to droop, sag and wrinkle.  The collagen in the skin gives skin its full youthful healthy appearance.

It is not possible to simple replace collagen in the skin with a cream containing collagen because the collagen is too large to penetrate deep into the layers of skin where it is needed.  Collagen injections can be performed with some success.  Injected collagen will give the skin a temporary boost however it does not last very long.  Injects can also have bad side effects.

In order to really gain the benefits of collagen you must find a way to increase natural production again.  There are collagen creams and serums available that are made to actually make the skin produce collagen.  There are several ingredients that have been shown to help promote collagen production.  Some of these ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl, Vitamin C.  Regular use of a cream with these ingredients can make skin look and act younger again with less wrinkling and drooping.

Fitness NBC – Do Diet Pills Work

bodywrap1Many people ask us to review diet pills. There are so many and people get lost the thousands of diet pills that include hoodia, green tea, acai, goji, and in categories like fat burners, appetite suppressants, carb blockers and combinations of the three.

Visit to learn more about the best diet pills available and findout where you can get diet pill reviews.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

DARK CIRCLES HELP! The Treatment That Works!

For most people, at some point, dark circles show up and for many it is simply due to lack of sleep or high stress but for many more it is there to stay unless you do something about the dark circles. For these people the causes is pooling blood and thinning skin – the symptoms is the actual dark ring as well as puffy eyes or just plain puffiness.

Many people will go to the doctor looking for a laser treatment to help but lasers do not help with dark circles under eyes instead there are compounds known as peptides that do the trick for most people, especially with continued use for about 4 months to 6 months. Many different eye creams and face creams claim to help dark circles and puffy eyes but make sure that they have clinical research behind them. The Purity products use ingredients that have been clinically tested to eliminate the dark circles or dark rings around the eyes!

Dark Circles Under Eyes

To read more about the peptides and ingredients that eliminate the appearance of dark circles and even puffy eyes then click on the links and visit the Purity Manufacturer and see the peptide combination used for dark circles.

What Causes These Dark Rings?
The main cause is pooling blood. Yes, factors such as sleep or lack as well as hereditary factors, but the result is to remove the pooling blood no matter the cause for it. The compound on the market that does this best is called Haloxyl. When used is the correct amounts Haloxyl will remove the dark rings around and especially under the eyes. It is amazing for puffy eyes as well!

What is Causing Skin Rashes

Skin Rashes- Determining the Source

contact-skin-dermatitisThe skin is our bodies’ first line of defense.  It is most susceptible to the elements.  Everyone will suffer from some type of rash.  There are many possible skin rash treaetments.  They are often caused by an allergic or irritant reaction to something in the environment, but sometimes they are a sign of disease.  Let’s look at some common skin rashes and ways you can distinguish them from each other.

Dermatitis- Dermatitis is characterized by localized inflammation and redness.  It is usually very itchy.  This is an allergic reaction and it can be caused by many things such as exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac.  Other possibilities are certain metals in jewelry and chemicals in makeup, shampoos, detergents, and cleaners.  It may also be caused by certain foods that you have eaten or medicines that have been taken.

Most rashes can be treated with antihistamines such as Benadryl topically with hydrocortisone cream.  Treatment can usually be done at home, but if it does not clear up you should see a doctor.  If a rash is accompanied by difficulty breathing you should seek medical attention immediately.  It is important to determine what you are allergic too.  Allergies sometime get worse with time, meaning the next reaction may be more serious than the last.

Impetigo- Impetigo will have small crusted sores.  This is a contagious bacterial infection that will require antibiotics.

Hives- These are small red often raised disc shaped areas over the body.  They may be as small as a dime or as large as a saucer.  Hives can be triggered by an allergic reaction to many things including food, bites, or medicine.

Psoriasis- Psoriasis causes thick scaled areas that are usually white or silvery looking.  It often occurs on the elbows, knees and scalp.

Prickly Heat- This happens when sweat glands become blocked and sweat is trapped under skin.  It is most common in hot humid weather and will usually go away in a few days.

Ringworm- This circular rash with a raised border is actually a fungal infection.

Fifth’s Disease- Children often get this contagious disease.  It is accompanied by a bright red rash on the cheeks that are followed by a rash on arms and chest.

Shingles- This painful rash is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox.  It is a red blistering rash that is usually around the abdomen.

Chicken Pox- Symptoms of chicken pox are fever and cold along with an itchy rash of small spots all over the body.  It is not as common today as most children are vaccinated at a young age.

There is big difference between the skin rashes and scalp rashes. Check out our next post for some of the causes of scalp rashes and the natural and herbal treatments that can get rid of these rashes as well!


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